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Product name with keywords no more than 45 characters

10月 1, 2016


Products descriptions here, and put your 3 main keywords in the first section. on the first section, you can put the main product image. then is the fist section. or put the image after the first section, or where you like in the editor.

Follow, please put your products details here. product detail texts keep 500-1000 characters as well. and if possible, please insert some pictures about the product. so can improve customer experience.

last please add 2-3 tags for the products on the right sider bottom. and please control the total number of tags not too much. generally keep 30 tags is well.

after do that. please select a product category on the right category section. then click “publish” to publish your product.

It’s all done, it’s simple!

The Bestway theme don’t use all in one seo plugin, the title of the product page use the product title, the description of the products page use the first section on the editor for 220 characters, the keywords of the product page use the product tags added by you.

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